Catch up blog day

Internet service is sketchy above Dawson City so it’s catch up day here in Eagle Plains, around 30 km south of the Arctic Circle.  It’s the only place to stay and eat on The Dempster and we had to gas up and get the flat repaired.  Next stop, Fort McPherson and the grave site of The Lost Patrol.  In 1910 4 Mounties went on patrol in the Yukon Territory and got lost.  They eventually starved to death.  Fort McPherson in the Northwest Territories is their final resting place.  I’ll have photos of that tomorrow.  I’ll feel a little guilty eating a cinnamon roll at the site.  Maybe I’ll eat it in the parking lot.

Today I may have to break down and put on pants.  Rainy and cold with a 100% chance of freezing mud.  I haven’t seen a Mexican Restaurant in ages and that makes me sad.  I don’t know how Canadian Mexican would taste but at this point I would try anything.  I miss my friends at Vallarta!

Met a Northern Shoshone woman who ran the heritage center.  She was a descendant of Chief Big Johnathan Campbell.

Four days after I bought this homemade cinnamon roll it still tastes good.  It was huge.  We cut little pieces off of it like a starving expedition would ration biscuits.  That way we wouldn’t eat it all at once and feel guilty.  I think I’ll get another one on the way home and eat it like a zombie eats slow moving city folks.

Found out I’ve been saying “Inuvik” wrong for 35 years.  After yesterday, I’ve now been to every major gold rush site in North America.


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