Arctic Circle, flats, bears, wolves, carabou

125 km on the Dempster and of course we get a flat.  Thanks to Wysup and Pullman building supply we had all the tools we needed.

I went all NASCAR pit stop on it while Karen was on Griz patrol.  It would have been really sad to be eaten while changing a flat.  With sharks you don’t have to worry about that because you very seldom have to change a flat with sharks around.

It’s odd driving 450 miles on a highway and only seeing 7 cars.  We may not know what we’re doing but we look good in a muddy Jeep with a tire and gas can strapped to the top.  Now we’re muddy from the tire change so we look all rugged and local.

Bear in the road, he was extremely camera shy and I was too slow.

Tundra travel tip 12: when driving in the tundra don’t stop to take a photo and leave the window open.  The Jeep now has 1.7 trillion mosquitoes in it.

Karen: This isn’t what I expected the Top of the World Road to look like.

Me: Were you expecting to drive the curvature of the earth?


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