The Dempster

Yup, this is the highway, it’s called the Dempster and is the most northern highway in North America and the only one to cross the Arctic Circle. (The Dalton crosses it in Alaska but that road has a lot of pavement and ends up in an oil town that is pretty horrible to visit). The Dempster follows the old dog sled paths used by trappers and miners. It’s 457 miles one way to it’s end in Inuvik, NWT with only one service station/hotel about halfway at Eagle Plains, YT. Truckers own this road and will kill you if you don’t pay attention. Ask my windshield. Round trip, which you have to do if you want to go home, is close to a 1000 miles on dirt, rock, gravel. and the worst mud you’ve ever driven in, we called it moose snot which seemed appropriate, all the while dodging 18-wheelers. It is an adventure I highly recommend.dempster1


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