Mackenzie River crossing

Longer video of the Mackenzie River crossing a little before it dumps into the Arctic Ocean. The Mackenzie River is the largest and longest river system in Canada, and is exceeded only by the Mississippi River in North America. This is the only way to cross the river until the river freezes and becomes the ice road.  This crossing is a little more difficult because of the currents.  At the end you’ll see the boat use the current to “swing” into position.

The village you see across the river is Tsiigehtchic. It is a Gwich’in community located at the confluence of the Mackenzie and the Arctic Red River, in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. The population is 143 and is only accessible by ferry or float plane. The community is one of the few in the NWT not to be served by a permanent airport.

I’ve been asked about food prices, mainly produce. I’m a pepper guy so I checked. Here at home a bag of jalapenos may cost a couple dollars a pound or about .25 cents each. In Inuvik I priced them. Over 4 dollars each. That’s 4 dollars for one pepper! A small dinner salad was over 12 dollars.


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