Road trip discussions

Road trip discussions:

Karen: What scares you?
Me: Zombie Hookers?
Karen: Why?
Me: Because they are very nice and approachable, willing to talk to you over drinks. Then they eat you.

More Karenisms:

Karen: I wouldn’t have thought Inuvik would be so well developed.
Me: Did you expect igloos and people in seal skin clothing eating whale blubber?

Karen: Look a herd of caribou!!!
Me: Karen, put your glasses on, that’s a herd of bushes.

Karen is driving and I’m kind of bored. There is a bump on my thumb. Is it thumb cancer? When you get my age everything is either the cancer or the gout.

Moose will stomp the piss out of you, the wilderness can be a dangerous place.

People actually “tripadvisor” or “Yelp” bears. It’s like, “The drive was wonderful!!!! One thing though, we didn’t see bears so one star.”


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