So here’s the deal, never drive 10 hours with only 2 diet chocolate drinks all day. What happens is you see something on the lodge menu called The Heartbreaker. Now on the surface that sounds bad enough but when the cook says she’s never made it and then calls the entire staff over to look at when she’s finished then that would be bad right?

No it gets worse. The lodges staff then ask if they can take photos of you holding it up because they never thought anyone would order it. What they didn’t know is I’m a Coug and we’ll order anything, no matter how unsafe.

Curious yet? It’s two grilled cheese sandwiches, 1/2 pound of hamburger in 2 patties, 4 slices of bacon, and a BLT all combined in one sandwich. Oh yeah, a mound of fries come with it. Was it good?

It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Did I eat it all? Nope, couldn’t do it, I ate half.



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